Monday, September 26, 2005

10 things you may or may not know about Russ

1. He turns 22 in a month

2. On Friday night him and Brent put muffins on the stairs of death and watched a drunk lady stop and scratch her head and say "there's a cupcake on the stair!"

3. He occasionally suffers from insomnia

4. He prefers green tea to coffee

5. He is going to be the store manager of the first Starbucks in The hutt

6. He "secretly" smoked for 5 months - he doesn't anymore

7. He is pregnant, and is going to give birth to a llama

8. He suffers from cute disorder... "Hi my name is Russell, know me before you judge me

9. He likes pie

10. Every time he thinks about you, he smiles


Snowie said...

I knew almost every one of those

I feel hard done by, I wanted to learn something about you

I'm going to go and sulk in the corner because I feel so understimulated by new knowledge

I won't talk to you until you tell me something I DIDNT know


AL said...

Ah yes.....another insomniac, good to know im not alone....

Anonymous said...

did you know he's an alcoholic - LOOK AT THE PHOTO

Russ said...

im not drunk... im pregnant!

Andy said...

Pregnant...AND drunk...oh noes what a terrible mother!

AL said...

Im also currious as to the father of this llamma is, there can't be many arround, so if hes trying to hide....hes got another thing commin'.....the bit about smiling was nice though aye.....

crystalcastles said...

Well I'm pregnant and I'm having a Banana Phone :P