Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Im Back, and better than ever

Well its just been over 6 weeks but I am finally back and better than ever.

I do apologies for not keeping posts regular but alas I did not have enough Internet time to post.

well since being evicted I stayed with a friend in Petone, I am so grateful to all my friends for their support during this time.

In the last few days, I ended my job in the National Travel Assistance team. I then went away for the weekend to Rotorua with Owen and his family for, Lavina's unveiling.

It was a truly magical and fantastic experience, her life was so bright and fruitful, and her unveiling was just that.

Upon returning from Rotorua, I proceeded to move my belongings from my friends place to my new place in town. Now I am settled and I will be blogging more often...

Today I started my new job at MOH as a Test Analyst, I will be looking forward to it, as I learn more and more about my role.

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Snowie said...

Thanks for sharing that weekend with me dude, it was awesome

I accidentally stole towels from hot rock

oh well, more towels for Owen