Friday, February 04, 2005


seriously what a bloody day,

so muggy and hot, i just wanted to stay in the walk in fridge at work and talk about frappachino frenzy. with the rugby 7's on its absolute hell, i so cant wait for the weekend to be over

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

what a day

I started work today at 1pm and walked into utter death. a cruise ship came in and with it bought about 5000 people!!! and they all wanted bloody frappachinos cause it was so hot.

i spent the yesterday afternoon and some of the evening with Ed. We had a great time just mooching around, i also showed him the dump of a place that im currently living at I got to see his new flat that he will be moving too. and its a pretty sweet place... i just hope that i can find a nicer place to live that will be closer to town and uni, the 40 min walk into town at 5am is begining to become a bit of a bitch. speaking of which i have to do tomorrow morning.