Thursday, March 31, 2005

Its difficult to say goodbye...After only one life

Today is a sad day.... It is Liz's last day at work, it wont be the same without her...AND Matt leaves for Auckland for his new job on sat ...Which is also sad because he's cool... He will also be greatly missed by all . . . No one shares the same latte joke ... I am now a Shift Manager though...Which is cool that means I get more money... I have looked for a and a chest of draws on trade me but I keep getting out bid... Which is annoying cause I need them...I might just have to go and put one on HP...*sighs* more debt for me

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


I had training today for being a shift manager for work...7 hours of boringness...Well not really it was semi interesting... That is about all I have to report today...IM off to track down Matt so I can find out when he is moving out so I can move into my new place....

that is all


Monday, March 28, 2005

Easter Monday

Today was Sam's birthday and Hillary cooked breakfast...Seeing as IM currently sleeping in the dining room the smell of cheesy French toast and bacon and eggs seeped through and woke me... And I was absolutely grateful when Hillary gave me a plate... It was SO good... Today is my day off from work...I've haven't really done anything interesting just cleaned up the lounge for the visitors this evening and did my washing...I might go into town and buy me something nice... Oh and I have to whip some cream...So that shall keep me busy for the rest of the afternoon.. A guy called Andy has applied for a job at starbucks and he is from chch.... I think that he has come to replace Liz who is also from chch.... He shall be my new work best friend. And seeing as I probably wont get to see Liz as often :( she will become my online best friend.

anyhow I best be off to finish my chores


Sunday, March 27, 2005

Another day another $1.50

Today being Easter Sunday I got time and a half which is pretty good...It will give me a bit more moola....

besides the extra money I make today work was kind of crap... Gnomes and Chris had swapped shifts so I ended up having to work with Chris which was crap... He went totally psycho at me cause he thought that I had given his little blue bag to womans refuge and he was going absolutely mental... Then after accusing me he then looked in his backpack and oh guess what was in there... It was his little blue bag... We basically only had tourists come into work today and they were asking why everything was closed... We had to explain that on it was Easter Sunday and everything except hospitality stores would be open...That totally sucks cause I think that we should close too the only day that we are closed is Christmas day.... I guess that's what happens when area managers can only thing of the money...

I am just glad that I got to finish work at 6.45 instead of 7.30 I don't think I could have stood being there much longer... IM at the stage where I leave when absolutely possible and arrive just before my shift starts.

not much else happened having work suck every inch of life out of me I don't have much time for anything else...

Friday, March 25, 2005

Easter Friday

Today I started work @ 7.30am and there were people waiting at the door and we didn't open till 8 the is one of my most pet peeves of work is the people who glare at me while IM setting up and they point to their watch....And our open times are clearly on the door for all to see.

I still have a sore back and I have resolved it to being the futon that IM sleeping on at the moment... It really wants me to go out and buy a real nice bed for my new flat... I want a real comfortable one that will make me sleep peacefully....I would say like a baby but they don't really sleep well do they....

I am so relieved that I got to finish work an hour early... IM pretty crabby and full of rage mainly due to the rude customers who were utterly disgusted that we were the only thing opened on lambton quay... But hey that's what you get for it being Easter Friday....

oh and the blowers daughter isn't my favorite song anymore, it is so depressing, I went and watched closer last night at the movies and that made me even more depressed that is such a sad and slightly crap movie

oh and I have found a new place to live... Up the stairs of death off Dixon street... Ill be living with Fahren ... She's pretty cool. Unfortunately we will be losing Matt as he got a promotion and is moving to Auckland...

Thursday, March 24, 2005


At the moment my favorite song is 'the blowers daughter by damien rice.

its on the best section on a CD on the entire collection of all the starbucks CD's that we have... Its called More XOXO ....What ever that means I don't know...The other problem is that it is on the frank Sinatra CD so straight after listening to good music I have to put up with bad music... Until I change the section on the CD ofcourse....

And so it is
Just like you said it would be
Life goes easy on me
Most of the time
And so it is
The shorter story
No love, no glory

The pain!!!

This evening I have developed lower back pain...It happened when I was feeling sick last week too and it just randomly decided to say its time for you to be in pain again... Its not exactly painful but more irritating....

I had a relatively good day at work except for being called a jerk by a customer and I really did nothing at all. I just placed the drink under the lights called out "tall caramel non-fat latte" and said thank you like we are supposed to and just walked away, as I headed out back and I herd her say "jerk" and I just went totally psycho out back where she couldn't hear what I was saying and had Liz and Emma hear my story... Other than that and the bloody frappachino frenzy we had...I mean seriously we had like 20 people come in one after the other wanting venti size frappachinos, and it was driving Liz to the brink of insanity.... My day went well...We also had a visit from Vicki and she bought her dog delta along who decided that it would be great to do a shit on lambton quay... It was quiet funny and also hideously disgusting at the same time...

Monday, March 21, 2005

All I here is blah blah blah

I had a pretty good day at work today... IM not sure why but I do hope I have more of them...I think it was due to the facts that Chris wasn't there and it wasn't really that busy, and I have tomorrow off too, I rang in sick for Friday because I was actually quiet sick and I spent the whole day in bed that was great then I had work on sat which was crap as usual but it was my first shift as shifty (that's shift manager for all you non-starbucks workers) which in reality is probably no one cause there is only 2 people that I know of that read this and they both work at starbucks...

I do realize that I only really write on this blog about work and pretty much how I hate it but how else am I meant to vent my rage... I will write some more about my personal like when it happens... My life pretty much revolves around starbucks at the moment anyway... And speaking of work IM going out to dinner with work colleagues its good in a way as ill get to see everyone I work with in a different light... Hopefully after a couple of drinks we will be nice and relaxed and have a good time.

ill leave it at that now and head off to my work dinner... I don't have much else to write... Yes I know IM a sadistic boring mofo ...But what are you going to do...

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Today I worked a double shift...It was ok.... ok I lie it was totally hideous the only good thing was getting to work with Liz at maj it was great minus the fact that I have the flu and feel like crap. And I also got to leave my first shift earlier which was also good cause I hate working at lambton quay cause its too damn busy. So all from that I called in sick for work tomorrow on Liz advice and IM going to sleep all day... Well deserved if you ask me....Minus actually being sick,... That really sucks. Oh well I need the rest anyway I work far to hard for what I do.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Wouldn't it be funny

My work colleague Liz only has a week left before she leaves... IM going to miss her as she makes my day brighter with the laughter that she creates.
it will be sad to see her go but we cant have everything can we... In my ideal work place if it were possible to take the people you work with where ever you went I think I would take everyone from the store that I work at except of course for Chris he would be left behind to burn with all the horrible customers in the eternal pits of hell. Liz mentioned to me that "what if a customer read my blog...Or even Chris... And what if soy mocha bitch read her profile... I don't think that anything would really happen with Liz as she is leaving the hideous job. But as for me if Chris read my blog... Maybe he would realize that he needs to change his attitude... And as Liz said read a book about how to win friends.... Anyway IM off to get some wedges...

Monday, March 14, 2005

doop di doo

i went to town on saturday night, it was kinda fun as i havent been out since the first weekend in feb. it was good cause i bumped into ppl who i hadnt seen in ages. but i did have work the next day which was a bit of a bitch seeing as i worked all bloody day. i just made sure i wasnt on the line to make drinks... there were quiet a few of us on so it gave me an excuse to do some "tidying up and cleaning"

anyway im off to meet a friend from auckland for coffee which will be good cause i havent seen her in ages... ill type something more interesting later

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

We fall down like Dominoes

I started work today walking in being totally enraged as usual due the fact that I was working with Chris. For those of you who don't know Chris is an arrogant south African bastard. Its not because he's south African that I hate him don't get me wrong, IM not racist, one of my good friends is south African... Anyway Chris is the most annoying person to work with he just creates mess and lies completely to the next shifty that comes in. He sits out back for ages claiming that he has lots of paper work to do when its just a blatant lie so he can get away from serving customers. I on the other hand need to get off the line as I get completely enraged if I spend to long serving customers I find it really helpful when I break away and go do a bus (collect dishes) or make up bases or go to the bathroom and go to Kirbys candy and go buy scratchys, I find these a great stress relief and I also won two dollars today.

Its complete

So have now un-enrolled myself from uni therefore making myself no longer a student.
what a waste of bloody time that was...Well for myself anyway. I really do need to sort myself out and get on with the show. On that note IM having a damn good day off from work... A funny thing happened at work yesterday though, this lady ordered a flat white and then walked straight into a glass wall and spilt her coffee all over her white uniform...It was absolutely hilarious.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Another day another I hate Starbucks

Today was a crappy day at work...It wasn't extremely busy but I still hate customers that come to the bar and ask where the sugar is they don't even bother to look behind them.

here are some pointers for customers to have a more pleasant experience at starbucks....

1. Look for the condiments bar before asking where the sugar is.

2. When using sugar it goes in the cup and not all over the condiments bar

3. When cinnamon and chocolate sprinkles are to be used at the condiments bar only.

4. When eating a cookie or other 'delicious' item it goes in the mouth and down your throat, not crumbled up into little pieces and spread all over the chairs and floor.

5. If you happen to spill your drink please don't be afraid to tell one of the 'friendly' employees, they will be more than happy to clean it up for you now rather than find your grande mocha dried and crustified on the couch which has left a huge and obvious stain that really pisses you off every time you look at it.

6. The drink you purchased was quiet costly for you... That five dollars could feed a hungry child in Africa for a few days than to have you only drink 1/3 of it and have the rest poison the sea creatures.

7. When ordering your drink don't say "I want.... Or I need" its just utterly rude a more polite approach could be "can I please have...." Note; manners will get you a nice customer exprerience than being demanding.

8. If the store had 'inconveniently' run out of coffee of the day. Its not ok to scream out "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T HAVE ANY COFFEE". We will gladly make you an Americana which is like a regular black coffee, or you could politely leave and go to another starbucks which is less than 10 mink away.

9. If there is a huge line, and you don't know what you want, that will give you ample time to look at the board and decided, there is a great deal of strife when you don't know what you want when you get to the register and there are 50 other people behind you who are in a hurry.

10. If it looks extremely busy you really should just leave and possibly come back later and get fast efficient service rather than wait in line and get angry because your drink is taking too long.

if you are able to follow these simple rules your starbucks service experience will be so much better.

Work work and work

Today was yet another hideous day at work, I am really beginning to loathe my job for starbucks I hate it so much that I would like to quit...Maybe I should.... Eh ill do it later...Most likely much later...I can suppress my rage for a little bit longer I think... Chris(work colleague for those of you who don't know...) is becoming a complete and utter bastard though I swear that he's insane and I despise every second I work with him.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

today is the first day of the rest of your life

man i havent written on here in ages and im sorry,
i have been so full on with trying to find a place to live and organising myself for uni and still working semi full time that i had not one minute to spare for the internet i feel so deprived to....

anyway i was in my theatre lecture and i just snapped i was just sitting there and then i thought to myself "what the hell am i doing here why am i in a lecture of something that im not really interested in at all, and what the hell am i doing in wellington."

so in conclusion to that i think i have just begun my quater life crisis, looking up about it on the net and reading the crap that people go on about does seem to sound like what im going through right now... as a good friend of mine has said "reformating is the solution to everything" it is time to start reformating my life... im not saying that im going to give up writing on here, but i will definatly keep you posted on to what im doing, its only fair that i do you are after all mine ahahaha. anyway im gonna do something geeky and go to the libaray to read

see you later