Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Theory of True Love

It is interesting that many people have different views on love.

I was discussing with a few people, if they believed in love, and what their theory on finding your one true love was.

Person one stated that love is just a sad misconception that only causes misery, it is love that blinds people but never is reciprocated by those you want it from. Person One recently lost a long term lover. I have been in this state before and I believe over time he will heal

Person Two said that they do believe love exists as they are in love, and has experienced love previously. His theory on finding his one true love was that two people will be attracted to each other over distances, He found this out when He went on His Overseas Experience, and found someone he was attracted to, and there it blossomed into a so far 7 year relationship, they have had their ups and down, but are still very much in love.

I am currently reading a book called Almost like Being in Love, its by Steve Kluger and it reads about A high school jock and nerd who call in love during their senior year of high school, only to part after an amazing summer of discovery to attend separate colleges. They keep in touch at first, but then slowly drift apart. Twenty years later, One of them discovered they are still on love with the other, and pursues on a cross country mission of 3000 miles to declare his love for his high school sweet heart. its a must read for those who love those cute love stories.

I am beginning to believe that true love does exist, and it is a matter of patience and pursuing what you feel is right.
Love is out there for everyone, even though I have not found the one or true love, I believe he is out there, and in good time and searching, he will find me. sure sites on the internet promise to find your true love or tell you who your true love is going to be, but only you can know, who your true love is.