Monday, October 31, 2005

Ill be ready ... YES ILL BE READY!!!!

There is nothing more exhilarating than listening to music on a nice sunny day!

I was walking home from work, I had stolen Brents IPod to listen to and I was listening to my birthday playlist and the greatest song ever came on. The Baywatch Theme Song!! So I began to strut down the road listening to this fantastic song. It put me in such a good mood that I cleaned my room!

The sun is shining and there is not a cloud in the sky! Today is a beautiful day.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Cats and kitty cats....

I haven't updated in a while... But oh well... Here is my update for you all to enjoy.

I have been rather busy working at courtenay place this week most of my shifts have been night closes which meant that I would finish work at 11pm then I would go straight to bed and then pretty much sleep until my next shift.

On Friday night I went to see the NZSO for the first time ever... The musicians were great... But the conductor was absolutely insane... He was just a bit too perdantic hopefully he will never conduct the NZSO again...Oh shit hi conductor!

Last night Brent and I went to a Halloween party dressed as mummy's which was cool as I had never been to one before... But it was also a bit dull seeing as I didn't really know that many people there... Then again talking to randoms was interesting and then there were the few scary ones....

anyhow I have things to do like clean up my room, TA TA

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Happy Birthday To Me!

Today is my birthday.... w00p w00p

uggh i feel so old!!!

Monday, October 24, 2005

On Thursday night i was taken by Lambton Quay Starbucks to Little India for my leaving party shindig thing...we started the evening by pouring the wine and ordering our food. Posted by Picasa

ooo there is so much to choose from what are you going to have? Posted by Picasa

andy ponders... ' i wonder whats vegetarian Posted by Picasa

then came the glamour shots.... seriously why do I look drunk in every picture... I only had 2 or was it 6 glasses of wine... who keeps count! Posted by Picasa

two beautiful smiles Posted by Picasa

yes work it baby show me your stuff Posted by Picasa

then came the oversized card  Posted by Picasa

aww im gonna miss you guys too! thanks for all the fantastic comments for me to remember you by! Posted by Picasa

whats your beef? Posted by Picasa

say cheese! Posted by Picasa

absolutly smashing what what! Posted by Picasa

we then ate all the delicious currys that were placed before us... mmm delicious! Posted by Picasa

we then congragated outside Posted by Picasa

some for a cigarette Posted by Picasa

others for gossip Posted by Picasa

we then said our goodbyes and went our seperate ways some for ice cream and others for another delicious glass/mug of wine Posted by Picasa
All in all it was really good night.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Good Bye Lambton

Today marks my last day at Starbucks Lambton Quay.
after that I will be working for the next 5 weeks at Courtenay Central and then I will be off to manage my brand new store in the lovely Hutt.... *cough*

I will truly miss everyone at Lambton Quay and I promise to come visit as much as I can.
I love you!
tomorrow is going to be a sad sad day

Monday, October 17, 2005

Stewie Griffin

How many talking babies do you know bent on world domination and matricide? We'd rather only know one, Stewie Griffin. From week to week he's always try to kill Lois, fighting with Brian, and deal with his farily newfound homosexuality.

Damn you, vile woman! You've impeded my work
since the day I escaped from your wretched womb.
- Stewie Griffin

Knowing its you is just one click away...

Yes that's right, you now only have the option of leaving comments on my blog if you are a member of, this will save the irony of trying to find out who the random mystery anonymous poster is!

mwahahaha! The power is mine... ALL MINE!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

I am complete now that I have found you.

Tonight after work Liz, Jesse, Jessie, My babe Brent and myself went out for Iskender which was delicious... but mixed with alcohol it made us quiet depressed except for Brent who was not drinking vodka before hand... right now i feel like doing what I used to to In Auckland. That is to drive to a beach, sit on the sand, listen to classical music and just stare out at the ocean. I found it so releasing.

For the next 2 weeks Brent will be rehersing everyday until the 25th, when he does his Recital... which just coincidently happens to be my birthday. Which is cool because I have never been to a recitle before so it will be interesting... the sad thing about it though is that I am hardly going to see him, but seeing him everyday this week has sort of made up for it and we will make up for it when he can relax.

now for something to make you smile/laugh....

What is the best thing about dating a homeless woman?
You can drop her off anywhere.

What is the difference between in-laws and outlaws?
Outlaws are wanted.

Where does virgin wool come from?
Ugly sheep.

What does the bride of a Polish man get that's long and hard on her wedding night?
His last name.

Why are hurricanes named after women?
Because they arrive wet and wild, then leave with your house and car.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Coincidence I think not!

Do we really want this man to run our country! ....Not bloody likely!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Corporate Achievement 101

Corporate Lesson 1: A man is getting into the shower just as his wife is finishing up her shower, when the doorbell rings. The wife quickly wraps herself in a towel and runs downstairs. When she opens the door, there stands Bob, the next door neighbour. Before she says a word, Bob says, "I'll give you $800 to drop that towel," After thinking for a moment, the woman drops her towel and stands naked in front of Bob. After a few seconds, Bob hands her $800 dollars and leaves. The woman wraps back up in the towel and goes back upstairs. When she gets to the bathroom, her husband asks, "Who was that?" "It was Bob the next door neighbour," she replies. "Great!" the husband says, "did he say anything about the $800 he owes me?"
Moral of the story: If you share critical information pertaining to credit and risk with your shareholders in time, you may be in a position to prevent avoidable exposure.

Corporate Lesson 2: A priest offered a lift to a Nun. She got in and crossed her legs, forcing her gown to reveal a leg. The priest nearly had an accident. After controlling the car, he stealthily slid his hand up her leg. The nun said, "Father, remember Psalm 129?" The priest removed his hand. But, changing gears, he let his hand slide up her leg again. The nun once again said, "Father, remember Psalm 129?" The priest apologized "Sorry sister but the flesh is weak." Arriving at the convent, the nun went on her way. On his arrival at the church, the priest rushed to look up Psalm 129 It said, "Go forth and seek, further up, you will find glory."
Moral of the story: If you are not well informed in your job, you might miss a great opportunity.

Corporate Lesson 3: A sales rep, an administration clerk, and the manager are walking to lunch when they find an antique oil lamp. They rub it and a Genie comes out. The Genie says, "I'll give each of you just one wish." "Me first! Me first!" says the admin clerk. "I want to be in the Bahamas, driving a speed boat, without a care in the world." Poof! She's gone. "Me next! Me next!" says the sales rep. "I want to be in Hawaii, relaxing on the beach with my personal masseuse, an endless supply of Pina Coladas and the love of my life." Poof! He's gone. "OK, you're up," the Genie says to the manager. The manager says, "I want those two back in the office after lunch."
Moral of the story: Always let your boss have the first say.

Corporate Lesson 4: A crow was sitting on a tree, doing nothing all day. A rabbit asked him, "Can I also sit like you and do nothing all day long?" The crow answered: "Sure, why not." So, the rabbit sat on the ground below the crow, and rested. A fox jumped on the rabbit and ate it.
Moral of the story: To be sitting and doing nothing, you must be sitting very high up.

Corporate Lesson 5: A turkey was chatting with a bull. "I would love to be able to Get to the top of that tree," sighed the turkey, but I haven't got the energy." "Well, why don't you nibble on my droppings" replied the bull. "They're packed with nutrients." The turkey pecked at a lump of dung and found that it gave him enough strength to reach the lowest branch of the tree. The next day, after eating some more dung, he reached the second branch. Finally after a fourth night, there he was proudly perched at the top of the tree. Soon he was spotted by a farmer, who shot the turkey out of the tree.
Moral of the story: Bullshit might get you to the top, but it won't keep you there.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


On Sunday evening we had a BBQ at Liz's house... I bought Brent and delicious steak! And we had a jolly good time, it was good to have all the club members together again... we do need to do it more often!

and the photos begin... Posted by Picasa

The Club and our traditional 'Rage Face'...So satisfying Posted by Picasa

Tim I swear im not doing anything erotic with your girlfriend ... honest! Posted by Picasa

Followed by a nice one of Brent and myself Posted by Picasa

We then ended the night with Looking up Brent's Day in the Birthday Book, this is where he discovered a lot of thing he knew and did not know about himself. Posted by Picasa

Hi my name is Brent and Im a Libra, know me before you judge me. Posted by Picasa