Tuesday, October 04, 2005


ok lets see how well you all know me... with a POP Quiz mwhahaha

What is my favourite hot beverage?
a) Caramel Americano
b) Green Tea
c) Instant Coffee with milk and 1 sugar
d) English Breakfast Tea

My Favourite Food is?
a) Pizza
b) Chocolate
c) Ginger Kisses
d) Salad

My Favourite Movie Is?
a) Hannabil
b) Romie and Michelles Highschool Reunion
c) White Chicks
d) About a Boy

If I Was Stuck On A Desert Island Who Would I Want There With Me?
a) Brad Pit
b) Jennifer Love Hewit
c) My Boyfriend
d) A Bottle of Gin

My Favourite Song is?
a) Torn - Natalie Imbrulia
b) Wonderwall - Oasis
c) I Dont Acually Have One - Russ
d) Arithmetic - Brooke Fraser

What Type of Music do I Not Like?
a) Classical and Jazz
b) Rap and Most Heavy Metal
c) Country and Classical
d) Pop and Rock

Bonus Question: Whats my Favourite kind of pie?


AL said...

Fave Drink: Green Tea
Fave food: Ginger Kisses
Movie: Hanibal
Song: Wonderwall
Music: u dont like Rap and Most Heavy Metal
Your fave pie: Mince and cheese

Howd I do?

Brent said...

Am I allowed to answer these! Or would that be cheating :(

Snowie said...

Im going to e mail my answers so no one steals them and pretends to know you as much as I do!


Liz said...

i'll have a go...

first one is caramel americano (but custard latte should really be there too..)

second one is... ginger kisses

third one is... Hanibal

fourth one is your boyfriend

i think you dont have a favourite song because your musical taste is OH SO varied.

last one is most rap and heavy metal

is your favourite kind of pie....DUTCH APPLE??? or wait, TANDOORI CHICKEN? or maybe VEGE HOT POT HEATED?

Russ said...


Green Tea
Salad when im healthy
Ginger Kisses when im not
My BF Brent
I dont have a fav song
Rap & Heavy Metal

Savoury; Mince & Cheese
Sweet; Apple

AL said...

oooo so close

Liz said...

green tea! WHATEVER! i havent seen you EEEEEEEEEEVER drink green tea.

Snowie said...

I think I am the winner

He tripped me up with the whole "when I'm healthy"

and the

"savory/sweet pie"

But other than taht I ROCK

oh yea

Russ said...

your not the winner owen... Brent is... you came second though