Saturday, October 01, 2005

The vertical Bungee fires thrill-seekers 50m skyward in 1sec @ 160kph!

Experiencing up to 6g’s acceleration on take off! Weightlessness follows, a 360deg rotation, then hang on for the ‘ground-rush’ as you plummet towards the earth, only to be catapulted back up again by the bungee cords.

Repeating the process several times, bouncing gently, you come to rest overlooking spectacular views over the city. Finally you are lowered slowly and safely back to the launch pad.

tonight im going to be flung into the air!!!
vertical bungie here we come!


Snowie said...

I was supposed to do that because when I tried to quit smoking a few years ago I was told if I had a cigarette I had to go on it

Luckily for me, it never happened.

I have the biggest fear of heights

I get scared walking on the walkways at Te Papa for fucks sake!

AL said...

Ive done that twice, both times drunk. Was kinda relaxing, but then, I cant wear my glasses while on it, so I can't see bugger all, after sh-one-t-ing myself on the bungee at wasn't too bad...worth it though.

Andy said...

GOOD LUCK! Don't die! =P

That thing looks crazy and hilarious, I wanna try it.

Vicki said...

OoOOooOOOoooOOoohhh you're so brave! Make sure you have a Big Mac Combo and two large strawberry thickshakes before you go up!