Friday, January 26, 2007

My claim to fame...

well we all have had our 15 Min's of fame, some more than others, I have been on TV so I'm happy with that many years ago I had a walk on part on Shortland Street... for those avid fans if you remember back to when the Hospital had their staff picnic in which Dr Chris Warner had just returned to the Street, and Marshall's Mother *i have forgotten her name* was skank dancing with Chris, 3 News reporter Jesse Peach was also still on the show as Character Blake Crombie. well that was when I had my shining moment, all 2 seconds that I was on the screen.

on the Subject of Fame below is an awful six month old picture of myself, my flatmate and NZ Singer-Song writer Carly Binding...yes the chick from TrueBliss.

you are the reason!

So it has now been 5 whole days while my constant state of happiness, its been great I really wish I could of been like this much earlier. Though having it now is good!

all the colours of the rainbow

My work college and I got a little bored yesterday afternoon, so we decided to make jewellery out of our office stationary .... as you can see below my lovely rainbow coloured paperclip bracelet. I still enjoy my job very much, thanks to our client writing us letters it makes it all the more interesting... One client insisted we visit the magical garden of Christchurch!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Zanubot returns

Jessie... here pictured as a Maiko will be returning once again to New Zealand to spend the winter with her wonderful friends, I am so excited I can not wait for her to return to see us!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

It never ceases to amaze me how random life can be, Like when you receive a phone call out of the blue, it catches you off guard, not in a bad way just as more of a surprise but at the end of the conversation you are left with a smile on your face. That you know wont be going anywhere anytime soon and in fact 3 hours later its still on your face. It is strange and I'm not sure why i am smiling I guess it shows the beginning of a good thing.

so this evening I am in a good mood,
tomorrow is Welly anniversary so i may be more productive with my day like got for a big long walk.

anyway I will leave you with this quote on smiles and I shall go watch some One Tree Hill

If you smile when no one else is around, you really mean it. ~Andy Rooney

Monday, January 15, 2007

Exercise for life...

Shaun and I walked about 18kms... above is the route we walked today.

Its apart of my attempt to get healthy and loose that '06 weight...
With walking, Cher Fitness, when ever the TV in the lounge is free and Healthier eating ill be supermodel thin instead of Kirstie Ally, you will be calling me Kate Moss in no time.

My before and after shots....



Friday, January 12, 2007

These are the days of the old school yard.

My name is Russell and I have a confession...

I miss working for Starbucks!
Not because of work style choice but because of three certain people that bought joy into my life everyday I worked with them...

Those people being Mike from Mid Lambton, Murray and Ashia, just kidding... oh shit hi Ashia, Murray and Mike.
The real people are Liz, Jessie and Vicki, if it was not for these three lovely lady's I would not have worked at Starbucks for so long.

We had such fun times together, getting hideously drunk on crackling peach and having a jolly good laugh at everything we found amusing

Many moons ago a club was formed, it's title became "The Club" it was very exclusive and contained members of alumni status, in its early days The Club had joyous outings and social gatherings much like the picture above and the one below, where we would eat the most delicious food like devils on horse back, and (heart attack in a bowl) Poutine.

After I was welcomed with loving arms into the club, we welcomed Zanubot, with a temporary visa so she could be included in club events.

She proved her worth, by showing her hate of our job, by destroying Starbucks property "back home we have plastic trays instead of heavy blue ones that smash into a million pieces when it 'slipped out of my hands"

Sadly Zanubot had to be taken back to Canada where she was manufactured.

She is greatly missed, and not a single day goes by where I vision her saying "all i can taste is raspberries"

we love you Jessie.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

the good, the bad and the ugly of 2006


Good ~ The Term "Old Hat" entered my vocabulary thanks to Andy
Bad ~ My constant complaining of working at Starbucks
Ugly ~ Me placing lame jokes on my blog


Good ~ Gnomes and Zach get married
Bad ~ Placing hideous posts about things that suit/describe me
Ugly ~ Blog entries across the my linkwork begin to cease


Good ~ Venturing to Musty town to see Castlepoint Dreaming
Bad ~ Being serve black instant coffee and being told it’s a long black
Ugly ~ Adam Brody


Good ~ I came out to my family
Bad ~ I used a song to express my feelings on getting "dumped"
Ugly ~ Random and pointless facts to bore you out of your mind!


Good ~ TrueBliss revival
Bad ~ Conference
Ugly ~ Getting horrendously drunk at conference


Good ~ Learning proper english
Bad ~ Not putting it into practice
Ugly ~ My Auckland friends


Good ~ I met Carly Binding
Bad ~ The terrible food at Flat Hills
Ugly ~ Leaving my wet weather gear in Vegas


Good ~ Miss Swan goes to Starbucks
Bad ~ My lame attempt to revive TrueBliss
Ugly ~ Me in Hammerpants


Good ~ I quit my Job at Starbucks
Bad ~ Having a poem published only to discover it was a Sham
Ugly ~ Not posting enough to have legitimate Ugliness


Good ~ I stopped working at Starbucks forever YAY!
Bad ~ Turning 23
Ugly ~ Getting kicked in the knee and needing surgery


Good ~ Vicky got married to Adam
Bad ~ Being poor in Christchurch
Ugly ~ Discovering the day I will die


Good ~ I went overseas for the first time ever
Bad ~ Doing online quizzes to make up for not blogging
Ugly ~ Not making my blog pretty enough with posts

Happy New Year!

Well I am now into a glorious new year and it has started off just peachy.
Well I arrived back from Brisbane, it was absolutely fun and I had a great time, it was so bloody hot though... I want to go back again for another holiday maybe for a bit longer and with more money too.

In other news I have shaved my head... I felt like a change, so it’s an extreme change and I haven’t done my hair like this since I was like 10

Here is a horrid pic...