Friday, January 26, 2007

My claim to fame...

well we all have had our 15 Min's of fame, some more than others, I have been on TV so I'm happy with that many years ago I had a walk on part on Shortland Street... for those avid fans if you remember back to when the Hospital had their staff picnic in which Dr Chris Warner had just returned to the Street, and Marshall's Mother *i have forgotten her name* was skank dancing with Chris, 3 News reporter Jesse Peach was also still on the show as Character Blake Crombie. well that was when I had my shining moment, all 2 seconds that I was on the screen.

on the Subject of Fame below is an awful six month old picture of myself, my flatmate and NZ Singer-Song writer Carly Binding...yes the chick from TrueBliss.

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Anonymous said...

by the look on her face she doesn't exacty want to be around you two