Friday, January 12, 2007

These are the days of the old school yard.

My name is Russell and I have a confession...

I miss working for Starbucks!
Not because of work style choice but because of three certain people that bought joy into my life everyday I worked with them...

Those people being Mike from Mid Lambton, Murray and Ashia, just kidding... oh shit hi Ashia, Murray and Mike.
The real people are Liz, Jessie and Vicki, if it was not for these three lovely lady's I would not have worked at Starbucks for so long.

We had such fun times together, getting hideously drunk on crackling peach and having a jolly good laugh at everything we found amusing

Many moons ago a club was formed, it's title became "The Club" it was very exclusive and contained members of alumni status, in its early days The Club had joyous outings and social gatherings much like the picture above and the one below, where we would eat the most delicious food like devils on horse back, and (heart attack in a bowl) Poutine.

After I was welcomed with loving arms into the club, we welcomed Zanubot, with a temporary visa so she could be included in club events.

She proved her worth, by showing her hate of our job, by destroying Starbucks property "back home we have plastic trays instead of heavy blue ones that smash into a million pieces when it 'slipped out of my hands"

Sadly Zanubot had to be taken back to Canada where she was manufactured.

She is greatly missed, and not a single day goes by where I vision her saying "all i can taste is raspberries"

we love you Jessie.

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