Wednesday, January 10, 2007

the good, the bad and the ugly of 2006


Good ~ The Term "Old Hat" entered my vocabulary thanks to Andy
Bad ~ My constant complaining of working at Starbucks
Ugly ~ Me placing lame jokes on my blog


Good ~ Gnomes and Zach get married
Bad ~ Placing hideous posts about things that suit/describe me
Ugly ~ Blog entries across the my linkwork begin to cease


Good ~ Venturing to Musty town to see Castlepoint Dreaming
Bad ~ Being serve black instant coffee and being told it’s a long black
Ugly ~ Adam Brody


Good ~ I came out to my family
Bad ~ I used a song to express my feelings on getting "dumped"
Ugly ~ Random and pointless facts to bore you out of your mind!


Good ~ TrueBliss revival
Bad ~ Conference
Ugly ~ Getting horrendously drunk at conference


Good ~ Learning proper english
Bad ~ Not putting it into practice
Ugly ~ My Auckland friends


Good ~ I met Carly Binding
Bad ~ The terrible food at Flat Hills
Ugly ~ Leaving my wet weather gear in Vegas


Good ~ Miss Swan goes to Starbucks
Bad ~ My lame attempt to revive TrueBliss
Ugly ~ Me in Hammerpants


Good ~ I quit my Job at Starbucks
Bad ~ Having a poem published only to discover it was a Sham
Ugly ~ Not posting enough to have legitimate Ugliness


Good ~ I stopped working at Starbucks forever YAY!
Bad ~ Turning 23
Ugly ~ Getting kicked in the knee and needing surgery


Good ~ Vicky got married to Adam
Bad ~ Being poor in Christchurch
Ugly ~ Discovering the day I will die


Good ~ I went overseas for the first time ever
Bad ~ Doing online quizzes to make up for not blogging
Ugly ~ Not making my blog pretty enough with posts

1 comment:

Snowie said...

I think the July update is my favourite

The ham sandwhich made me sick for the ENTIRE weekend!

That and the fact you make me vomit combined made for a very colourful birthday!

and HAHA @ wet weather gear.

I'm going to wear mine to espressoholic to meet you one day and we shall laugh tremendously!