Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Previously on the Life of Russ

Well not much has really happened since I last posted what I was up to.
I went to Brisbane at the beginning of the month for 5 days, I was meant to go with my flatmate but he could not find his passport, so I ended up going alone, it was actually nice to be in warm weather for a change, and being by myself I got to relax a bit.

I am currently in a competition with my flatmates in the biggest loser type event.

the person who loses the least amount of weight has to give the person who lost the most 250 bucks so I am working my arse of.

My job is going pretty well I am learning a lot as a Test Analyst, it really opens your eyes as to what really goes on with computers...

I am also doing a certificate in web design, I have always wanted to learn how HTML works, so hopefully I will be able to change the lay out of my blog without using templates...

nothing is really happening with the love life, just dull and quite as usual but its nice like that.