Thursday, September 29, 2005


Today I had a great day! After work mainly... Work was totally busy but that wasn't the main feature of the day but I am tired and need to sleep as I have work at 6am so there is no time for detail... I will say that sunflowers make anyone smile :)

p.s im a consumer whore!


AL said...

Uh oh, What did you go buy?
Oh n One month W00P W00P indeed, question is, one month till what?

Russ said...

thats for me to know and for you to never find out mwahahaha! *choke*

AL said...

Oh, Ill find out. I ALWAYS find out!


only if its easy

And people tell me

And im paying attention.....

AL said...

Well, I have summin happening in one month too so nurr. But then, you already probably know that one so...yeah...ill just continue sounding stupid shall i?

Anonymous said...

is one month until something?

or is that something has been one month and this is the longest one of those you have had?

Hmmm, interesting

AL said...

ahhhhh, *click* i think i have an idea what that is now....nice! good for you!