Wednesday, September 21, 2005

its not he pale moon that excites me that thrills and delights me...its just the nearness of you

Last night I went with Brent to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.... Which i must say was absolutly hilarious! I was contsantly laughing right through the movie.
Tonight we went and saw Wallace and Grommit the movie... it was funny and full of suggestive puns...

haha... as for Hayley, Jordan and Kalyan you guys must see it for the cheese! it will bring back memories!

"this is the burn centre for puppets - it's relatively new"


Snowie said...


There actually should have been a disclaimer:

"This movie has scenes which involve puppets. Not just any scenes, truely horrific scenes. If you have a fear of puppets, you may end up curling into a ball and at your own risk"

AL said...

"Everything in this room is edible, including me, but my dear children thats called canibalism. And is frowned upon in most cultures."

quote corrector said...

actually the quote is "everything in this room is edible, including me, but that's called canibalism my dear children and is frowned upon in most societies"

AL said...

alright smartass so i was always was more to remind ppl than a direct quote