Friday, September 16, 2005

Let it been known

Well today I had a glorious day off, although it wasn't very productive I stayed in bed the whole day. This was due to the fact that I think im coming down with the flu and I wanted to rest up as much as possible. Last night I went to Monsoon Poon for dinner with Brent, It was delicious. Tomorrow should be an interesting day, I shall wake up, go vote then proceed to work, then I maybe going to a dance party afterwards, im not sure yet... It depends on how I feel I guess....
anyway im going to go sort some dinner out and relax a bit more.

Vote Labour!


Snowie said...

I'm really quite drunk

The place was crawling with fags

then I abused a whole lot of str8 boys who got angry with me so I got a ride home with the bar staff

AL said...

Looks like a quiet weekend had by you, no new blogs! Ok, so my comment is pointless but I dunno bout you but I have no idea what snowie is talking bout "the place"...sounds alright though.....haha.....hmmmmm, ok, ill shhhh