Sunday, September 25, 2005

Mr. Snail

zoom comes the 737
steady towards the runway
in sunny and tropical Fiji
out fold the wheels
ready for the landing

the runway shimmers
in the golden sun
reflecting the beauty
of magical Fiji

on the runway
Mr snail slowly
chugs along minding his own
as the 737 comes closer
all of a sudden there comes a crunch
and Mr Snail is dead!


Anonymous said...

The way Ive been feeling lately I'm kinda jealous

I wish I was mr snail

dying suddenly without warning

I'm not suicidal, just want to die, no don't want to die, just don't to live, no just don't want to live my life

Im so complex

No Skin off my nose said...

that was intense russell.

AL said...

The sad part is, thousands of snails die every year from such plane mutilation. Really puts the world into perspective, for are we not all snails on the runway of life, about to get crushed by the 737 that is.....ummm......well, so much for sounding philispohical....ill just go thatll do.....hmmmm maybe i should sleep more.....

AL said...

Ive been thinking more about the 737 of love....and I have come up witha few points:

Love can hit us all when we least expect it

It can be unstopaable if you DO see it comming

It CAN be (isnt always) destructive....

It can take tou to beutiful new places that you have never been before.

It is there to bring you back home.

It has its highs and lows, but the hhs are very high, and very long lasting if your lucky enough....

thats bout it.....i should think more about my STATs now...