Tuesday, March 01, 2005

today is the first day of the rest of your life

man i havent written on here in ages and im sorry,
i have been so full on with trying to find a place to live and organising myself for uni and still working semi full time that i had not one minute to spare for the internet i feel so deprived to....

anyway i was in my theatre lecture and i just snapped i was just sitting there and then i thought to myself "what the hell am i doing here why am i in a lecture of something that im not really interested in at all, and what the hell am i doing in wellington."

so in conclusion to that i think i have just begun my quater life crisis, looking up about it on the net and reading the crap that people go on about does seem to sound like what im going through right now... as a good friend of mine has said "reformating is the solution to everything" it is time to start reformating my life... im not saying that im going to give up writing on here, but i will definatly keep you posted on to what im doing, its only fair that i do you are after all mine ahahaha. anyway im gonna do something geeky and go to the libaray to read

see you later

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Liz said...

maybe you should quit uni and go back to working full time at starbucks? who knows, they might even make you a shift manager! oh wait..