Monday, March 28, 2005

Easter Monday

Today was Sam's birthday and Hillary cooked breakfast...Seeing as IM currently sleeping in the dining room the smell of cheesy French toast and bacon and eggs seeped through and woke me... And I was absolutely grateful when Hillary gave me a plate... It was SO good... Today is my day off from work...I've haven't really done anything interesting just cleaned up the lounge for the visitors this evening and did my washing...I might go into town and buy me something nice... Oh and I have to whip some cream...So that shall keep me busy for the rest of the afternoon.. A guy called Andy has applied for a job at starbucks and he is from chch.... I think that he has come to replace Liz who is also from chch.... He shall be my new work best friend. And seeing as I probably wont get to see Liz as often :( she will become my online best friend.

anyhow I best be off to finish my chores


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