Wednesday, March 09, 2005

We fall down like Dominoes

I started work today walking in being totally enraged as usual due the fact that I was working with Chris. For those of you who don't know Chris is an arrogant south African bastard. Its not because he's south African that I hate him don't get me wrong, IM not racist, one of my good friends is south African... Anyway Chris is the most annoying person to work with he just creates mess and lies completely to the next shifty that comes in. He sits out back for ages claiming that he has lots of paper work to do when its just a blatant lie so he can get away from serving customers. I on the other hand need to get off the line as I get completely enraged if I spend to long serving customers I find it really helpful when I break away and go do a bus (collect dishes) or make up bases or go to the bathroom and go to Kirbys candy and go buy scratchys, I find these a great stress relief and I also won two dollars today.

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