Saturday, March 11, 2006

Wairarawhat? Masterwhere?

Yesterday Al and I made the voyage over the Rimitakas to a "lovely" little town called Masterton.

Masterton is the largest town in the Wairarapa region.
Masterton is a thriving community with a 2001 population of 22,617.
Named after pioneer Joseph Masters, it was first settled by Europeans on 21 May 1854.

The truth about masterton is that it is just downright a country bumpkin down. I was scared that the locals would lynch me as my attire was too "WELLINGTON" for them to comprehend. Al and I proceeded our voyage to the House of Owen Winter, Who I honestly believe to be the only good thing that masterton has produced.

Owen, Al and myself then went to Strada, which is the cafe that everyone goes to. I was served my Sodomite who was about to charge me $12 for 3 coffees. I being a Wellingtonian I did not think twice about the price, Just before I handed over my card "sodomite" said "that's not right" to the 3 coffee's only turned out to be $9 which is a bloody bargain if you ask me.

Now I am not trying to be a snob here, because it is a 'country bumkin town' but the coffee was absolutely terrible. I believe I am Justified in saying this as I have been a Barista for 20 months and I know what a good coffee should taste like.
Owen Tried to make it up to us by taking us to Mint. When I saw what coffee they used I walked straight out. I wanted coffee that tasted like dirt I would dig up the ground in my back yard.
He then took us to Ceciel, He said it is where the upper class Mastertonians go when we arrived the place was very nice it included a live band. I decided that I would have a long black instead of a usual flat white.
after waiting nearly 20 minutes our coffees were brought to us. I was looking at the creama of my long black and I thought this is going to be a good coffee. To my surprise it was instant coffee! Drinkable but for $3.50 I at least expected it to resemble coffee derived from an espresso bean.

After the awful cafe experiences, we proceeded back to Owen place and met his parents. All I will say is interesting!

We then made our way to the Harliquen Theatre - "Home of Good Theatre" to see the performance of Castlepoint Dreaming.
Besides the Actor who played Jack is a blatant Homosexual who is so deep in the closet he is finding Christmas presents and the Fathers shirt having the TranzRail logo on it, when we was meant to be working for the freezing works, It was a really good performance. It captured the reality of a typical straight New Zealand teenager, dealing with certain events in his life like losing your best friend.
After CastlePoint Dreaming followed another Performance *insert title here when I remember it* it was absolutely funny but had a few glitches, as for props- they had a dusty serving tray, the Lighting engineers did not know their queue's and the telephone sound effect matched that of a phone made in the 70's and not one of the 90's that is cordless.

I'm not sure If it was just me, but I would have been a bit more vigialant with the minor details.

all in all it was a pretty good night. The only thing that scared me the most driving over the Rimitakas in gailforce winds and being at the mercy of Al's driving. (just kidding)

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Jason said...

Hi there, my name is Chris Clark and I played the character of Jack in Castlepoint Dreaming, thought I should ask if you thought I as a person was homosexual or the character? And I thought I should mention I'm not homosexual!! Sorry if you thought otherwise!!! feel free to contact me through Owen!!!