Friday, April 28, 2006

and now on poetry hour...

here is something which I wrote in July 2004...

the cool crisp winter breeze
reminds me how you shattered my heart
every time we met under the night sky
it made me warm to know that you cared
but you killed it like a murderers knife
seeping deep to make a wound that wont heal

and here is what I wrote last week...

Mystery man, in the shadows
Toiled in the darkness
plagued by sorrow
when will thy be set free
your sunlight will come
before the darkest hour
to set you free from desolation
land of freedom speech and love
this is where you will truly feel alive


His Whoreness said...

i think i prefer the latter poetic effort to the former

the sense of hope despite the depression is a nice touch

AL said...

I like the second one, it kinda reminds me of me, specially the bit with my name in it at the end...