Wednesday, May 31, 2006


TrueBliss were formed in January of 1999 to form the basis of a documentary series following the creation of an all-girl group in New Zealand. Originally 500 girls auditioned for a place in a band that whilst guaranteed stardom was never guaranteed musical success.

The show "Popstars" went to air in April of 1999 and was an instant hit, in the following three months, Erika Takacs, Megan Cassie, Joe Cotton, Carly Binding and Keri Harper would become household names in New Zealand.

Success seemed assured and when their first single "Tonight" debuted at number 1 on the New Zealand charts it seemed trueBliss were destined to be huge.


Snowie said...

I went to their concert!

Heath said...

I'm lost, what happened to Keri? Russ, you should make it your mission to find out.

Snowie said...

Keri has pretty much become one of New Zealand's sad B Grade celebrity types.

Since leaving TrueBliss she has had career highlights such as playing the Narrator in Abbey Musical Theatre (Palmerston North) prouduction of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat as well as being in their 2001 production of 42nd Street.

Keri is not the only "celebrity" to grace the stage in semi-professional musicals, Michael Barrymore has done the same touring with Chicago and more recently playing the Pharoah in Danniverke's Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.

More recently Keri joined forces with ex NZ Idol host and tragic 80's singer Jackie Clarke along with Chris Powley and Craig Muller to form "ABBAlicious" a pretty B Grade ABBA tribute band for coporate gigs etc. Apparently the career highlight for ABBAlicious was performing their 90 minute show at the Porirua Festival of the Elements.

Gosh, hasnt she come far?!

Russ said...

she is now the size of joe cotton is in that picture....

João Gaspar Rocha said...

I like your blog