Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I remember back when...

Man you feel really old when you have a conversation with a 15 year old and how things change over time....

STI's were STD's
NCEA was School Cert
Emo was short for emotion, not a style of music
Music TV presenters were cool, not complete jerks
Truebliss was cool
Cellphones had just become affordable
Birthday presents were a surprise!


Snowie said...

Children were safe in the Wairarapa

Cigarettes were SO MUCH cheaper

Cheap and effective alchohol could be bought for ten dollars!

There were always kind strangers to buy these smokes and drinks for you

You could buy clothes that fitted

If you hooked up with something, it meant KISSING them

The internet was for porn and research, not for making friends

A "playstation" was what is now called a playpen

Ball games were safetly played on the road, not on a field

Benefits were things we recieved for being good, not our main source of income

and finnally

My dream of being a writer seemed an ACHIEVABLE goal

Hayley said...

it makes me feel really really old... :(