Monday, September 11, 2006

I'm getting published

So I placed one of my poems into a poetry competition... Just for the hell of it, I really did not expect to get anything out of it... But it is going to be published in one of books called immortal verses...

here is my poem... I wrote this a bout 7 months ago...

Lost flame

foiled desire veiled by thee
where did my heart vacate
crushed by a sudden whim
I watched it sail forward and waited
caring sweet, unjust it maybe
security from your lovers deceit
held in my arms
trapped by your thoughts
who are you to make me yours
man of mystery
someone I do not know
you are wonderful and amazing
in you I would find delight
torment and turmoil
troublesome love
one does not feel
trapped by sadness
where do I go, what have I lost
wanting to love, needing to care
but the flame is cold from my past lover

Copyright ©2006 Russell Clark


Snowie said...

Yay for Rustify's poetry!!

Jordan said...

Way to have written an immortal verse Russell.
Who are you Shakespeare?

El-Doge said...

I will be the professor who gives lectures on Russell F Clark and our children will write essays correspondingly.

And I don't care if your middle name doesn't start with an F.

It does now.

El-Doge said...

By the way, it's not grammatically correct. My eye is a-twitchin'.