Saturday, October 07, 2006

Free free I'm at last!

Yay! Yesterday was my last day at Starbucks no more shall I

say "tall latte at the bar"
serve angry custys
refill the pastry case
have to wake up at 5am
finish work late at night
have to work weekends
make up bases
get covered in coffee grinds
get vivid fingers
absolutely have to go into work because someone called in sick
wear a manky apron that smells like 50 year old milk
have a rage face because of I vacuous custys

oh its such a sigh of relief I do have to say if it was not for Starbucks I would not have meet the wonderful people in my life...
Vicki, Liz, Prince Jesse, Zanubot, Gnomes and everyone else I meet.


El-Doge said...

You know what you should do, come up to auckland to celebrate or just make people go, "oh! Hi! you're here. Nice to see you-bla bla bla.

Wait- you are here! Well, there you go.

Jack Coast said...

Hey! yay, no more free hot chocolates for the child! (cries)
oh well, tell me when ya start ya new job!

ZanuBot said...

Oh russell im so proud of you!! haha vivid fingers... i love it. Oh how I miss NZ starbucks... *sigh*