Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Butterflies Flying Backwards

Masterton, Masterton.
Home of the trolley Dolly,
Check out chicks and teenage mums,
Dirty slobs and benefit bums
That's what we breed here”
- Owen Winter

You know its interesting, you hear such terrible things about a town, the murders, the gang wars with there dance moves which some how spell the name of the gang.

But of course in every town there are a few good things that blossom, one of these things is Tina Carter.

Tina Carter, with her Husband and two children, reside in Masterton. Tina is one of the most talented artists I know. I first saw Tina, when she performed in Castlepoint Dreaming, but more recently when Owen took me to visit her.

My theory is that the best conversations happen over a bottle of wine, and that is exactly what we did. She shared with me what she is currently working on, and then gave me an exhibition of her work, that I will remember for the rest of my life, it was honestly something one would only see in a movie, that is the only way that i can really describe how magical it was.

Unfortunately I don't have any of her work show you, but she for a small taster if your down near the railway station and look across the road on Aotea Quay, she has painted the murals on the big sheds there...

As soon as I can get a hold of more work she has done, I will let you know..

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Snowie said...

OMG! You know about the "C Walk"?!!

That was a beautiful post...She will love you more for saying such beautiful things