Saturday, June 30, 2007

I have a voice

"Sometimes I wonder what you boys would do if you weren't gay. You'd have no identity. It was easy when you couldn't talk about it. Now it's all you talk about. You talk about it so much that you forget about all the other things that you are."

I was watching Broken Hearts Club the other day, and when I heard those lines, it really summed up how I felt about the most gay guys, they come across all hung up on themselves. going to the gym everyday, wearing makeup to make themselves look clean, tidy and "pure looking" most really are hung up on themselves and the "gays of our lives" drama that goes on. They live life going on as "if it's not gay it's not worth knowing"

screw that, there is much more important things in life than going to the gay clubs every weekend so you can check out the latest fresh meet that has arrived on the scene hoping that you can get your hands on on their body.

Quite frankly I would rather be having a good time with my friends, having a good laugh about life and just living...

seriously guys you are missing out on the beauty of life, embrace it while you still have the chance and live

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Snowie said...


I want to hug you...haha

Life is so much more interesting when you realise that what it really is isnt it?

Well done dude....YAY