Sunday, July 25, 2010

What Life Brings

I mentioned to a friend that I was lonely. They then said that no one should be lonely Russell, especially not you. That is where I said "I know, but we don't always choose what happens in our life. We just have to take what is served up to us, some of it will be good but other times it will be shit. "

Life can be shit sometimes, but its also what you make out of life that counts. I am probably the biggest culprit for bottling up issues and emotions, I would have a dark cellar over filled with aging bottles of my life by now.

I have never really had people that I feel that I could burden my life upon, not for will of trying, but more because I don't feel I should lay them down to people. I am the person my friends come to when they have troublesome issues and I feel it in me to take their burdens away from them.

There are some of us who love to help others and give those who are in need of emotional relief. We just need to be sure they are taken care of, before we start having our bottles attended to. And if they are anything like me, it will take a little while, a lot of trust and one kick arse bottle opener.

If you have a friend who is always out there helping others with issues, take some time on them to make sure they are actually ok.
Sometime we want to talk to :)