Wednesday, February 01, 2006

well if im going to be a racist!

A kiwi was doing the Maori Haka whilst, somewhere in space, aliens were
watching this unusual dance. "Kamate kamate ka-ora ka-ora ......" loudly
sang the Kiwi.

The aliens were very intrigued, and wondered what would happen if part of
the Kiwi's brain was stealthily removed! So, with the aid of very
sophisticated technology, the aliens zapped a beam at the Kiwi's head, and
part of his brain instantly vaporised.

The aliens sat back to see what would happen. "Ka-mate ka-mate ka-ora
ka-ora......." sang the Kiwi. The aliens were amazed, absolutely no
difference in the Kiwi's behaviour.

So the aliens decided to zap a higher intensity beam at another part of
the Kiwi's brain. Again the aliens watched for results, and again the Kiwi
sang "Ka-mate ka-mate ka-ora ka-ora ."

The aliens naturally deduced that the Kiwi was an extremely intelligent
life-form, for with even a half a brain no difference had been noticed in
the Kiwi's behaviour.

The aliens decided to remove the complete brain, thus leaving the Kiwi
devoid of all knowledge! So with a push of a button the aliens zapped the
Kiwi's head and sizzled the remaining grey matter. Now surely the Kiwi
will know nothing, be dumb, and be so stupid.

The Aliens watched the Kiwi intently, and all of a sudden the Kiwi broke
into a forceful song "WALTZING MATILDA, WALTZING MATILDA .........."


AL said...

yeah thatll show those bloody aussies whos boss mate

JuneJones said...

LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL yyou will be pleased to know russ that your great joke will now be a long running chain email!


Andy said...

hahah! HAHAH! SO true.