Sunday, February 19, 2006

Whets Hot And What Not of 2006!

Hot: Watching the entire series made of Alias
Not: messy bedrooms

Hot: Diet Coke
Not: Coke Zero

Hot: Music of all varieties
Not: Poo

Hot: 21st Birthday parties
Not: traveling to Auckland to celebrate them (just kidding)

Hot: memoirs of a Geisha
Not: Brokeback Mountain

Hot: Brand new sound systems
Not: when they don't work properly

Hot: Being Store Manager
Not: having staff call in sick all the time

Hot: savories served by Qantas
Not: the smell of smoke in my house

Hot: having a clean house
Not: having a pipe burst and flooding the house

Hot: dressing your family in corduroy and denim
Not: having to by a new hard drive

Hot: tall two pump caramel americanos
Not: Starbucks new banana frappucchino's

Hot: having a perfect unblemished skin
Not: wishing a I had perfect unblemished skin

Hot: Apple Ipod
Not: not having enough music to fill 30G

so that's what's hot and what's not 2006 see you next year


Snowie said...

You forgot;

HOT: Petone
NOT: Car running out of oil IN Petone

HOT: Gypsy Fair
NOT: Paying weird with sexual favours for a blow gun

Snowie said...

That should read paying weird *Gypsy* with sexual favours...

Kalyan said...

HOT: Ice Dancing
NOT: Long-distance relationships

Hayley said...

HOT: Working in a fancy florist
NOT: Not getting paid for it

Kalyan said...

OMIGOSH! how much did they not pay you? That must suck. When I quit my high-paying contract job, due to obeying my conscience, I also didn't get paid for it... that was so smelly :(

HOT: Tall Blond hair, blue eyed boys
NOT: Not getting to be with one because he's half way across the world in America. Hehe!

Oh I have one that you should've included:

HOT: Desperate Housewives
NOT: waiting a week for the next episode

Andy said...


Hot: Having a sexy PSP
Not: Not having a sexy PSP!

Hot: Moving to Auckland next week
Not: Moving to...the MOON next week...with no spacesuit

Hayley said...

They've only just opened so they don't have enough money to pay for any staff. But coz i'm family and i know how to do stuff i'm 'helping out' which really means working without pay.

AL said...

Hot: Feeling good about yourself
Not: Never feeling that you should

Snowie said...

HOT: Ringing your friend because you want to talk to them

NOT: having to hear their voice mail

SO HOT IT BURNS TO THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH AND BEYOND: Dylan Moran coming to New Zealand to do a live show!

NOT SO HOT IT BURNS TO THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH AND BEYOND: Not workoing, so therefore possibly not being able to afford tickets to said show!

Jordan said...

Hot: Flying in planes to obscure parts of the world
Not: Paying for them

Hot: Calling Air NZ from North Carolina to enquire about plane tickets only to find the person that picks up is an old work friend.
Not: Qantas

Brent said...

Providing transitions between ideas is largely a matter of attitude. You must never assume russ the we know what you know. In fact, it's a good idea to assume not only that we need all the information that you have and need to know how you arrived at the point you're at, but also that we are not quite as quick as you are. You might be able to leap from one side of the stream to the other; believe that we need some stepping stones and be sure to place them in readily accessible and visible spots.

There are four basic mechanical considerations in providing transitions between your ideas: using transitional expressions, repeating key words and phrases, using pronoun reference, and using parallel form.

I found it quite frustrating to read "hot: savories served by qantas - Not: the smell of smoke in my house".

You have broken every possible law within the english realm. You have mentioned two entirely different subjects in one argument. Instead of saying Not: AIR NZ SERVES BISCUITS AND TEA you complain about the smell of our dearest flat.

Hmmmmm perhaps give these pointers some consideration before next years Hot or Not.

With loads of love as always,
Guy who drinks toooo much diet coke.

this comment was brought to you by

Andy said...

HOT: Having a partner
NOT: Listening to friends brag about having one when you do not.


HOT: Being the first person to sign the guest book at a wedding
NOT: Not being invited.