Thursday, August 25, 2005

Random facts about Russ

Did you know that Russ is 7974 days old today.

He went to Matipo Primary until the end of J3/Standard 1 then went to Rutherford primary, He then progressed to Rangeview intermediate, followed by Rutherford College.

He got 49% in school certificate Maths

His first job was at Foodtown "the good food people" he lasted their a year as part time then got a full time job at McDonald's and spent 2 and a half hideous years there, The store that he was going to work at was going to open a McCafe and he was going to co-run it with someone else but he didn't want to work with faggs so he quit. He then got a job at Rydges hotel as a waiter, he was then promoted to Banquets team leader and after a year of working at Rydges he Quit and Moved to Wellington.

When Russ first lived in Wellington he work at McDonald's for 2 months, before he got a job at Starbuck,

On his Starbucks application form he put as his interest 'Rugby' - he doesn't even like rugby!!!

Russ used to weight 120kg, he is now 75kg

Russ like long walks on the beach, Romantic dinners and watching the sunset.

His Favourite colour is green and Favourite numbers are 3 and 11.

His star sign is: Scorpio.

He was born in the year of the boar.

Russ has now gone through 5 Cellphones but is still on his original number.

He has only broken 1 bone and that was his arm when he tripped over a chain in the dark.

His favourite gelato flavour is lemon.

He likes drinking tea more than coffee. His favourite is green tea.

Russ once didn't pay attention while driving and hit a parked car.

Last election Russ split his vote to two different parties.

Russ has a morbid fear of praying mantis and spiders (just saying the words makes him quiver)

His favourite kind of pie is mince and cheese.

His favourite kind of cheese is the one that's made backwards: Edam

He like quotes and posts them frequently on his blog.

He gets annoyed when people leave comments under anonymous.

He is also annoyed that the word 'blog' is not in the dictionary.

Kindness is an inner desire that makes us want to do good things even if we do not get anything in return. It is the joy of our life to do them. When we do good things from this inner desire, there is kindness in everything we think, say, want and do.
- Emmanuel Swedenborg


Snowie said...

Would you believe that we weigh the same?

Isnt that just crazy?!

And I bet that when you hit the parked car you weren't on the test for your restricted license! That makes it a cool story (I failed)

And with the pie thing: Mrs Mac's Beef Mince and Cheese are the BEST in the world. I had one for lunch, it was devine.

I'm so jealous you broke your arm. I have never broken a bone. I used to jump off really high stuff when I was kid so I could, but never did.

Omg, I'm writing too much. This is only a space for comments and I am saying way too much

Ok, must stop typing now

Catchya on the flipside

Vicki said...


Snowie said...

OMG Rustify have you totally forgotten about your blog?

It becomes very uninteresting when it isnt updating regulary

Did you stop to consider that maybe there are people who wish to read more of you anecdotés

Do I need to organise a funeral for your blog?

You know I will