Thursday, August 18, 2005

and now its time for love songs with mr lunt

Ok so I realize that it is infact 10 to 2 in the morning... But I can not sleep for the life of me...
so I thought that I would post some of my poetry and get some critique from you all...

broken time with unheard rhymes
shattered hearts bleeding a new love
what will be my release
to see the light of a brand new day
rising over the open sea?

my release is you
what is not seen is my love
stronger than the great wall
deeper than whats beyond the shores
higher than the heavens above

sacred, sometimes unheard
structured but also not
grow as it does from the hidden seed
planted by your unknowing eyes
nurtured by thoughts and talks

let yourself in and close the door
turn the lock swallow the key
forever it will remain locked
lust turned to love once more
different this love shall be

make me shine, a radiant glow
yours to keep for eternity
live within me make me shine
make me live within you
shine with me

to exit from this heart would be murder
my soul will perish to dead mans cove
to remain in turmoil and darkness
you are the beacon of light
pray that it never goes out

R.J. Clark


V said...

awwwwww russ that is so nice

Liz said...

Thats great russ, its so easy for homemade poetry to be completely embarrising and lame, but yours never is, its really good! :)

Snowie said...

You already know I love your work, so I dont really think I need to praise you anymore, you'd just get a big head

Hows my funeral one coming along? And remember it needs intepretive dance too!

Anonymous said...

that's really nice Russell :)