Wednesday, December 21, 2005

lunch in a flip top box

hello peoples...

im sorry for the lack of posts, I have been rather busy the past few days mainly with work and homly chores....
Work has been full on with doing crazy hours that ware me out... i cant wait for christmas i get a glorious 4 days off work which I am going to spend in Auckland with the family, I have hired a car to get up there and it will be a lucky dip as I will not know what I am driving until I go pick it exciting then it an 8 hour drive *groans* all the way to Auckland.... on the way back I will be driving my new car which is not so new but it is a really good car!!!

anyway not to bore you as I am doing already... here is a lovely picture of me cuddling a brand new towel... mmm freshness!

interesting fact: Edam cheese is madE backwards


Jordan said...

Hey man,
I talked to Kalyan's mum (MA)
I think she wants you to pay full price for the car.
You wont be getting it for free.
And not for a grand either.
Probably quite a bit more than that.
She wants me to get the car valued so that she doesn't get ripped off.

But i think you'll be able to pay it on no interest. slowly as you can afford it.

(which will be in like 1 pay check you fat cat manager you)

Andy said...

Homly chores???