Monday, December 05, 2005

Your beautiful

My baby is in Christchurch :(

I have been busy with work so much to do ... So little time

nothing out of the ordinary...
I promise to post something more interesting and worth readying later in the week...
in the mean time... Live long and prosper!


Andy said...

OMG no post something NOW! Post about your wonderful new store! =D

Post about how you are STEALING our new worker (even tho it was murray's fault but still)!


AL said...

Yes, you should, some of us dont have jobs and need a way to pass the time! :-P

Russ said...

somebody loves Bosstan!!!!!

Andy said...

MAYBE I DO, even though I have yet to meet him! =D

Is it true he will not be working at lambton from now on? Or that he will only be doing PART TIME at our store? =(

haha, I'm so obsessed! =D