Monday, July 02, 2007

Lady Grey is a proprietary branded tea variety and registered trademark of Twinings. Lady Grey is the pair-tea of Earl Grey and includes everything that is contained within Earl Grey tea along with Seville orange, lemon, bergamot and petals of cornflowers.
At the time when Lady Grey tea was first made it was believed the addition of fruits would counteract improper impulses that tea was widely believed to have upon the female temperament.


Orhan Kahn said...

English Breakfast or Earl Gray for me, please ;)

Snowie said...

You and your lady grey


oooo maybe I should have "tea party" for my birthday

oooo speaking of which random fact:

The madhatter in Alice in Wonderland is a piece of social commentary about the fact that hatmakers used to use mercury in their craft and as we know mercury makes you made....

Anyway I shall go now

MaryCherry said...

Mmmmm lady grey

Dad, make mum a cup of tea!