Monday, July 23, 2007


As long as you love yourself nothing else should matter. Love is warm and fuzzy but love shouldn't always be expected. Love is special and cannot be given at will. You cannot love someone just like that, love grows with time. Love forms a bond between two people, indescribable and overwhelming. True love does not exist, love is the utopia of our lives and we all crave it without knowing what it truly is. Even if we think we love someone we could in fact just like them.
Love is when two individuals combine there lives to potentially form one special world. This world is like a tree it starts as a seed and forms a tree, as the tree grows it grows roots and becomes more stable so nothing will stand in its way. Sometimes the tree can be cut and potentially the love dies away, this tree could produces other seeds and these seeds can use the knowledge from the mother tree and form stronger bonds/love with others. So just because we don't have love, it doesn't mean our children should miss out. - Dylan Aplin

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