Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Im gonna be there

it amazes me how fragile life is, at any moment someone you know can be taken from this earth, many different reasons take peoples lives, one of them being suicide, I didn't think that any of my friends would choose this road, but sadly one of my friends decided to take his own life, it hurts me to think that I could have been a better friend to him, and been there for him. As selfish as this sounds I'm defiantly going to make a greater attempt to be there for my friends, I don't believe that suicide should be an option. And you should all know that you can call on me when ever you need.

Terence Gavin 1986 - 2007

May he rest in peace

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suicide "survivor" said...


Ive been trying for about an hour trying to work out how to put into words what I want you to hear.

I read in your message that you wish/think you "could have been a better friend to him, and been there for him"

By being his friend you were there for him, you didn't make his choice for him, and in hind sight its very easy to think you could have changed things, but in many cases this isnt actually so.

My identidy has been written as suicide "survivor" because on a number of occasions in my life I have been where this person has been. I have attempted suicide, but by good luck, and thats all there is to it, I survived it.

I know that when you are the space where you are ready to take into your own hands you are in a space where it is literally the only way out, you can't see the happiness, you can't see the love and even if these are being shown to you, it can very hard to see them

I am in no way trying to belittle what you are feeling, or trying to make you feel better, there is nothing, with the possible exception of time that can heal the wounds you are feeling right now.

I hope you reach out to your friends to support you at this time, as you have asked them to do for you. I'm sure anyone would be happy to support you, you need to realise its ok to ask for help and its ok to be upset...

Yeah, I hope this made some sense to you