Monday, February 19, 2007

Napier, For the time of your life!

Man what a wicked weekend I had in Napier, it was so much fun to look around a completely new city. Marc showed me around some of the Hawkes Bay as well and seriously it is such a beautiful district.

On Friday afternoon I spent five and a half hours on the bus to get Napier, by then I was shattered but being in a totally different city, a burst of second wind lifted my energy levels right up again. By the time I arrived it was heading on 10pm and most places were closed or closing up for the night, we did manage to pop in to a bar, have a quiet drink, while watching people dressed from the 1930s waltz about the streets as well as watching a few vintage vehicles drive past, it was amazing.

Come Saturday we had a look around at what was going on around the city, vintage cars lined Marine Parade for what seemed miles.

The Streets were packed with so many people, it was such a great atmosphere! I so want to go back next year.

On Sunday Marc took me out to Waimarama, seriously talk about breath taking!
Photo Courtesy of KenndyImages

We we then went to Craggy Range and I had my first official wine tasting, thinking back on it I so wish i purchased a a few bottles of wine, seriously they had a couple that were absolutely delicious! and it being such a beautiful place its no wonder they make lovely wine.

I really must get myself some next time I am up there.
Well that pretty much concludes some of the highlights of my visit to Napier. I absolutely enjoyed myself I will definitely go back again and I recommend you go too.

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