Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Poetry Time

Silent whispers call out your name,
Thunder and lightening
Send shudders through my soul,
Trembling the goodness that comes of you,

The strength of your gentle voice gives me joy,
Pining to hear it again, when you say my name,
I awake with gladness,
It is you that gives me drive

It is you that makes me feel alive,
It is you that makes the darkest day seem so bright,
It is you that gives me sight,
It is you that gives me pleasant dreams when I sleep at night,

It is you that drives my soul,
It is you that I'm falling for,
It is you that keeps me wanting more,
It is you that makes me happy when I'm feeling down,

With just a single thought of you,
It is you that puts a smile on my face ten thousand times a day,
It is you that I care about,
It is you, who I want more than anything in the world,

It is your smile that even though your miles away
Brings you close to me
It is you my love
It is you
It is you
It is you


LUZ said...

That's about ME isn't it RUSSELL!!!!!

Kalyan said...

yay poetry rules. so exciting to see you writing again. ah it echoes the soul..