Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Im on the move

Well the time has come for me to move on, I am moving out of the city to a suburb called Normandale below is kind of what my view will be like from my new place
except the view is not pixelated in real life ...


Anonymous said...

EVERYBODY is moving but me!

I feel so out of the loop

well actually I feel out of my head, but thats because I took pills, and I havent taken pills in months,and pills and wine make you buzz the fuck out, haha the fuck out, omg I wanted to dance and no one would dance

And no one will fly with me! Damn you people and you're wanting to stay on the ground...where is the fun in that?

let's go on a holiday! Somewhere fun! and drink wine! I want to drink wine on a holiday with you!

I will let you choose the place and the time

please holiday please?

Russ said...

well you know it usually helps to know who you are... how would I know who im going on holiday with?

AL said...

im guessing owen

Snowie said...


I am offended!

I am pure and innocent!