Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Dashboard Confessional

Right at this very moment, i am sitting in my mothers house typing away on her outdated and accent computer. I am currently downloading Internet Explorer as that is horendously out of date and to top it off it doesnt have msn messenger on here. but that is soon to change.

I am currently listening to Aucklands 91.8 More FM this brings back memories for me... that and Solid Gold FM.

My flight up here was totally crazy. I was scheduled to leave Wellington at 6pm... we boarded the plane and was told that there was something wrong and they were trying to fix it as soon as possible. We were then told to get off the plane at 6.20pm and they then canceled our flight. so we had to end up having to get onto another flight which was to leave at 8.30pm but that arrived late and we didn't end up leaving wellington until 9.30pm arriving in auckland at 10.30 but all in all it was fun, durring the time of the flight being canceled and getting on the next plane. the power went out in the whole airport. and the rage coming from other people because of our flight being canceled was just fantastic to watch. we were also given spies... to big to be a savoury and to small to be a pie, so we decided to call them spies.

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