Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I've been watching... I've been waiting

Yay im so excited!!!!
My new queen sized bed arrives tomorrow. I have been yearning for a decent bed for yonks.
I also signed up for Jetstream which is broadband internet for those of you who don't know..
The only down side about it is that I have to wait until Saturday afternoon for the people to come around and connect something at the terminal or something like that... As for now I will just have to settle with dial up...meh

there is a random lady bug that has been living on my laptop for the last couple of days... Its interesting to watch...Its just crawling around the screen like it owns the place...

When I went to The Warehouse yesterday I bought myself a bedside table a lamp and some shelving so I have somewhere to put all my crap... I didn't really think so I had to carry all that stuff home and carry it all the way up the stairs of death I really should have just been lazy and caught a taxi but I really did need the exercise. I cleaned my room tonight so now my room is completely tidy and ready for me to set up my new bed.

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