Friday, April 22, 2005

Kareoke okie dokie

Work was so hideous today, it was so busy and I didn't get a visit from Liz... Its always nice when she pops in and says hi... Even if it is for 2 seconds.

Yesterday the club went to The Warehouse and went shopping it was great. I bought Monopoly Tycoon for 20 bucks, I thought that it was quite cheap for a computer game, even if the graphics look like it was made in the 80's, it was made by Atari after all. We then went to Vicki's house and she showed us Delta... Her dog... It is the most naughtiest dog I have ever seen....Oh shit...Hi Vicki. (as you have read my blog and noticed that I use this phrase quite a bit...Well if you don't understand your never gonna know...Its a club thing) If I owned her I would have killed her by now...

one annoying thing about this blog site is that in the spell check it doesn't even recognize the word 'blog' how stupid is that, you would think they would have added it.

insult of the day: "you stupid tart" - said in an English accent

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Liz said...

Hey! Sorry i didnt come in and say hi, i didnt see you there any of the times i walked past and SHIT IT WAS BUS--oops caps lock, shit it was busy in town it must have been total HELL for you!