Tuesday, April 19, 2005

"Hint Of Chinese Gold"

Today I worked at courtneay. Speaking of Courtney we have a new girl starting at Starbucks and her name is Courtney... We joke about if she was going to work at Courtneay and if she were to answer the phone there she would have to say "Courtneay Central Starbucks, Courtney speaking".... Reading it now, it doesn't seem as funny as it was.. And poor Courtney...meh

Thinking back on memories;

In your 'clique' of friends that you have did you ever have sayings...Random one liners...Or words that you used a lot?

Sayings like: McGee, Your Face, Stupid Git, From Nam, Cakeface, Cheese, Chicken, I'll Eat You!, Makes up for the tasty flesh, Im Itchy Sister, Stop it Crispina, Your Not A Man Of God....And what not... The small clique of friends that will read this will be in hysterics as they recall the good times...The stupid gits that they are

something fun to do: ring up one of your friends or a random number, and when they answer just say something random like "hint of Chinese gold" then just hang up.

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