Friday, June 17, 2005

Exit stage.....Right!

Tonight im going on a date, it should be interesting as I haven't been on a date in ages.... Im slightly nervous....

Yesterday the doctor prescribed me bed rest, anti-biotics and a ventoline inhaler.....

The drugs are working and my tonsillitis is getting better... The bed rest was good, it gave me a day off work to sleep all day and relax which has helped as well. The Ventoline inhaler is for the asthma that I has for when I was a child, that has returned hopefully only for the winter. It is kind of wired carrying around an inhaler again.

Today Liz took me shopping, so I now have a new outfit to wear on my date...

Random fact about Russ: His favourite dip is, roasted capsicum hummus


snwoie said...

dude can U remind me /.]
tghat I am alchohlic

and nve tgpo drink again

none of my friends listen to me

they all hate me
nelikes me\\

I am so drink

I never drink again

I'm an alchocloic

Non o

snowie said...

omg that was terrible

I am typing slow


ok bye

Andy said...

OOOOH! Have fun you (non)slappa! Good luck (for yesterday...rahr)

Matt said...

a DATE!! You slapper! Slap slap! Nah, secretly I'm jealous!!! :)