Wednesday, June 08, 2005

more of yesterday

Yesterday I wasn't feeling terribly well and I started work at 6am... I then asked gnomes if I could go home early because I did feel as though I was gonna pass out... So I went home at 9am took a couple of nurofen and I slept pretty much all day... It was great I then woke up at 5pm.. And went and meet Michael for a drink... Which then turned into a movie and then dinner... It was good fun and after a good talk it proved that I need to get out my suitcase and unpack and blow off the dust on my interests... Which I will defiantly look into doing...

Today I worked at Maj from 8.30am until 7.30pm... I really know how to drain myself.... It was totally hideous... Although it was cool to work with Jamieson... I have never worked with him before... And we had something in common... 'The Rage'

Random fact about Russ: He Enjoys Salad more than Chocolate!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe that you like salad more than chocolate :(
As the flat 3 theme song says:
"you don't make friends with salad, you don't make friends with salad..." *congos out the door*

Anonymous said...

did you notice how funny the word 'blogg' is?