Sunday, June 19, 2005


you keep telling me i'm beautiful
but I feel a little less so each time
your love is so colorful
it flashes like a neon sign
but I finally drove out where
the sky is dark enuf to see stars
and I found I missed no one
just listening to the swishing of distant cars

I was floating above myself
watching him do just what you wanted
poor little friendly ghost
wondering why his whole house feels haunted
I told myself I was strong enuf
that I had plenty of blood to give
and each elbow cradled a needle
but listless and faint ain't no way to live

so I hope I never
see the ocean again
pushing and pulling at me
as I go deeper and deeper in
til i'm so far from my shore
so far from what I came here for
I let you surround me
I let you drown me
out with your din
and then I learned how to swim

-Ani DiFranco

this is how I kinda feel today... Its interesting how songs can pretty much speak your mind...

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