Tuesday, June 14, 2005


*Sighs* I have been at work today from 6am until 9.30pm and i am shattered i had to wait around for the fix-it guy to come and do all of our 'preventative maintenance' and i have work at 6am tomorrow so this is all from me for today... im tired :(

Random fact about Russ: he hates being 2ic.


Checkers said...

Aw hun, hugs! Hope tomorrow, well i guess today cos ull be up in an hour or so, is better for you, i might come and see you, love you hun! MWAH

Matt said...

HA! You think it sucks being 2IC? Try being the actual store manager. I have come to a conclusion that I'd much rather suck shit through a straw! Btw...wo is this Jess person and DOES she clean the maggoty cupboard???