Monday, July 18, 2005


So I have been in Auckland for 3 days now... Its been good catching up with friends but I also really miss Wellington!

I miss getting Wholly Bagels with Vicki and getting Gelato with the Club.
Speaking for Gelato, today I went on a mission to get some. I caught a bus into town and then got on a ferry to Devonport...Because Devonport was the last place I knew had gelato... BUT when I got there the gelato shop was closed! How unfortunate for me. Now I am going to have to wait until I get back to welly, which will be the first thing I do right after I get some sleep.

So basically Today consisted of me spending time by myself with Auckland, I do enjoy it when I have me time, I was able to write a poem, which I haven't done since November last year.
So after that I spent a couple of hours mooching around town with Hayley. This evening I went to Johns place and caught up with him and then watched a movie it was good to see him again.

In my bed at home lives a girl, she has stolen my room and my mother(which is funny because its usually me who steals mothers), her name is Kalyan so because she has my bed I have to sleep in the couch which is too short for me and now I have a sore back, but that's fine.

I really have so many people to catch up with and not enough time, I really hope I can catch up with them all before I go.

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